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What is BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working underpinned by digital technologies among the Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operation (AECO) industry stakeholders across the project life cycle that allows for more efficient methods of designing, delivering and maintaining physical built assets.

The information contained within the models facilitates informed decision making, and that means higher clarity, better communications, and, ultimately, better efficiency.

As the cost of operating and maintaining buildings and facilities represent up to 85% of the whole-life cost, savings can pay back any upfront premium for construction expenses in just a few years. Efficiently diffusing BIM technologies and workflows in a project life cycle benefits the AECO industry and especially the client organization.

Benefits of BIM

  • Client-Better projections through sharing of requirements with all stakeholders. Earlier decision making.
  • Architect/Designer-Improved clarity of project brief and client / owner understanding.
  • Engineer/M&E-Improved access to information. Early input to feasibility planning, design, costs and improving the environmental impact.
  • Cost/Consultant-Improved access to information and cost models. Enables earlier optioneering.
  • Planner/Project Manager-Improved access to information and early engagement.
  • Main Contractor- Supports early contractor involvement.
  • Specialist Contractor- Improved access to information.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier- Opportunity for early consideration of specialist equipment and materials.
  • Asset/Facilities Manager- Early stage definition of COBie deliverables for Asset / Facilities management.
  • Client-Earlier engagement and understanding of design proposals and options leading to earlier stabilization of the brief.
  • Architect/Designer-More effective design, review and co-ordination. Easier to assess options, costs and outcomes.
  • Engineer/M&E-Opportunity to influence and optimize design outcomes. Early stage clash detection, specification and design enhancements.
  • Cost/Consultant-Measurement and cost calculations semi-automated, resulting in being faster and more accurate.
  • Planner/Project Manager-Improved visibility of development and options.
  • Main Contractor- Opportunity to review / influence design outcomes.
  • Specialist Contractor- Opportunity to influence design outcomes.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier- Early stage selection and demand forecast. Supply certainty through improved accuracy of bill of materials, fewer surprises.
  • Asset/Facilities Manager- Opportunity to influence design and operation for improved operation and maintenance.
  • Client-Improved delivery confidence, earlier on-site date and reduced risk.
  • Architect/Designer-Improved multi-discipline construction model, improved predictability and fewer claims.
  • Engineer/M&E-Improved engineering design and cost modelling with reduced risks. Increased opportunity for off-site manufacturing.
  • Cost/Consultant-Simpler change and review process using model. Greater clarity of specification and costs.
  • Planner/Project Manager-Improved logistics, construction scheduling and H&S planning.
  • Main Contractor- Improved collaboration with all stakeholders. Improved logistics.
  • Specialist Contractor- Increased opportunity to incorporate off-site construction.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier- Supply certainty through improved a Cost/Consultancy of information, resulting in fewer surprises. Increased opportunity for off-site manufacturing and assembly.
  • Asset/Facilities Manager- Early stage population of Asset / Facilities Management model
  • Client-Earlier completion, reduced cost from delays and waste. Improved compliance with specification and quality.
  • Architect/Designer-Less changes to design during construction and improved compliance / design quality.
  • Engineer/M&E-Improved build quality and speed. Fewer queries / RFI’s. Faster commissioning and pre-populated handover details.
  • Cost/Consultant-Improved visibility of costs and cash flow during construction. Fewer queries / RFI’s.
  • Planner/Project Manager-Improved progress monitoring and management.
  • Main Contractor- Fewer queries / RFI’s. Reduced risk of over-run. Smoother handover to Client and Asset / Facilities Manager.
  • Specialist Contractor- Smoother handover to client and Asset / Facilities Manager.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier- Improved logistics and right first time fit. Reduced need for replacement items.
  • Asset/Facilities Manager- Faster commissioning. Asset / Facilities Manager handover information pre-populated from model.
  • Client-Better optimized and more sustainable assets / facilities with improved management and maintenance.
  • Architect/Designer-Ability to learn from whole life performance and learn from operational data and modifications.
  • Engineer/M&E-Ability to improve whole life performance and learn from operational data. Improved ability to modify to suit demands.
  • Cost/Consultant-Ability to learn from operational data including whole life cost.
  • Planner/Project Manager-Reduced disruption from maintenance and modification activities.
  • Main Contractor- Reduced defects and remedial work.
  • Specialist Contractor- Opportunity for whole life service.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier- Opportunity for whole life service.
  • Asset/Facilities Manager- Asset / Facilities management system populated by supply chain and maintained by operator. Improved SLAs.

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How We Work

Our Process of Devloping BIM

Aariha BIM Works is a BIM service provider studio, by building a team of Architects and Engineers specially trained on BIM software and processes.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time
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Our Services

BIM Engineering Services

Filing Solar Power Permits in 2020? Consider Following Important Factors

Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves the development of virtual representation of physical can functional characteristics of the places using several tools, technologies, and contracts. It was in the year 1970 when the concept of BIM was developed and was fully accepted and came into existence was in the starting of the early 2000s.

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Architectural BIM Services

How to Add Battery Backup to an Existing Grid Tied Solar System by Yourself!

Aariha BIM Works is a growing BIM outsourcing company that delivers Architectural BIM Services. We offer a complete and full-fledged range of detailed range of architectural BIM services that our clients are expecting from across the globe.

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Structural BIM Services

Energy Department Research Will Help Eagles Coexist with Wind Energy Deployment

At Aariha BIM Works, we specialize in delivering cost-effective Structural BIM Services for large-scale infrastructure projects. Our Structural BIM Services are all inclusive and include drafting & detailing, 3D modelling, design analysis and review, augmenting flexibility in engineering management.

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Mechanical BIM Services

Energy Department Research Will Help Eagles Coexist with Wind Energy Deployment

At Aariha BIM Works, we offer a high quality of BIM modelling services at a global scale that enable the creation and use of coordinated, consistent computable information about a building's Mechanical design.

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Plumbing BIM Services

Energy Department Research Will Help Eagles Coexist with Wind Energy Deployment

Aariha BIM Works offers CAD solutions for Plumbing BIM services that allow you virtually showcase, detail changes and detect location collisions in your plumbing frameworks for more noteworthy constructability.We intercept potential issues by understanding the impacts plan choices have on the whole venture before development ever starts.

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BIM Clash Detection

Energy Department Research Will Help Eagles Coexist with Wind Energy Deployment

When it comes to identifying conflicts in your designs to minimize your costs and mitigate safety concerns, what you need is a capable BIM Clash Detection service provider that works with attention to detail and a high level of precision. We offer comprehensive BIM Clash Detection Services, catering to clients at a global scale.

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